Hearts & Hooves Livestock Services, LLC Start-Up Story

The inspiration

I became good friends with a member of an organization I worked for that owns the business, All Animal Recovery, they specialize in the removal of deceased large animals. Stephanie told me about the business and that they had been receiving lots of calls for the Northern Colorado area, which they currently do not service. I decided that I could provide the service folks needed and deserved; which is, compassionate and professional pick up of your deceased livestock family members. I then decided that it would behoove me to work with All Animal Recovery and learn from someone with 18+ years of experience. Stephanie Ewoldt-Bacca, the owner of All Animal Recoveryshowed me the proper way to handle pick-ups and the way that she has run her business very successfully for years. I realize this is a hard time in every animal owner’s life. I have also found through doing pick-ups with Stephanie that I will do my best to make this the least stressful experience for all of you out there.

Let’s get to work

After learning the ins and outs of the company, I decided to start up Hearts & Hooves Livestock Services, LLC. I then began truck shopping for the ideal truck. After working with All Animal Recovery I knew that a medium class dump truck was the best way to go. After lots of searching all over the country, I finally found one! It was a 2019 Ram 5500. I called the dealership and a week later I was searching for a vehicle transport company to bring it to Colorado. This of course was filled with hiccups along the way but who said starting a business was easy?

The truck was ready for the 1,000 mile journey to Colorado. I used H&F Hotshots, LLC for the transport company and they did a great job! My truck was delivered safely and quickly!

I then used a local engineering shop to completely customize my truck to make sure it was right for the job!

I have now been in business over 2 years and I am so thankful for the people of Northern Colorado for using my business and trusting me with their beloved animals.

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