Our Staff

Stephanie Ball (Owner)

Stephanie is a graduate of The Colorado State University. She earned two Bachelors Degrees during her time at CSU studying Agricultural Business and Equine Science. Since graduating CSU, Stephanie has been working in the Team Penning & Ranch Sorting industry for the past 8 years. She continues to travel the country and work Team Penning & Ranch Sorting events, but is now full time with Hearts & Hooves.

In her free time, you can find Stephanie hiking all over Colorado with her dogs (Apen & Spur), snowmobiling, boating, and competing in Team Penning competitions across the country. Stephanie has been riding since she was 12 and working in the Horse Industry for over 10 years.

Stephanie has a passion for animals that is undeniable. She has lost many animals in her life and knows the pain of losing our four legged loved ones.

Valerie Rankine

Valerie graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Financial Services. She was born and raised on a ranch in Wyoming before attending UW. After college she pursued a career in finance and insurance for several years before retiring and joining my team. An avid horse lover and owner, she appreciates every aspect of these wonderful animals. She comes with years of experience in cattle ranching and team roping in conjunction with her years of business experience.

Aside from being a part of my team she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. She is not one to stay home so you can catch her at her kid’s sporting events, team roping and helping out family and friends with ranching duties. I am honored to have her on my team and you will find you will enjoy her kindhearted, ethical, and hardworking nature.



Aspen & Spur

Aspen & Spur are a huge part of the Hearts & Hooves Livestock Services Staff!

You will always see them in the truck with Stephanie, and they are happy to meet and greet everyone that wants to say hi!

Aspen is a 3 yr old mini Australian Shepherd born in Pagosa Springs, CO. She LOVES horses, hiking, and swimming.

Spur is just a pup! He is less than a year old and his biggest passion is meeting new friends! He was also born in Pagosa Springs, CO.

These two are the emotional support group of Hearts & Hooves and they are always there to give you all the love you need during these tough times. Feel free to give them both a huge hug and pet them until they put a smile on your face : ]